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March 2, 2021 Press Release
“It is unacceptable that contaminated and undercooked food is being served to Michigan National Guard members keeping our nation safe. This issue must be fixed immediately and the company that failed should have its contract terminated," said Congressman Moolenaar. “Michigan National guard members brought this situation to my attention when I met with them and I hope General Hokanson will address the issue quickly.”
February 26, 2021 Press Release
“Last year, I voted for bipartisan COVID relief packages that brought much needed relief to Michigan families, health care professionals, schools, and small businesses. A lot of this funding is still available and the Biden Administration is not being honest when it says it needs tonight's bill to re-open schools. There is still $59 billion in approved school aid that has not been spent and scientific research shows it's safe to re-open classrooms and let every American student have the opportunity for in-person learning. “Democrats should join Republicans in getting students back in the classroom, making vaccines available to everyone who wants one, and letting small businesses safely and fully re-open. Unfortunately, tonight they decided to pass a bill that will spend billions to bailout state governments while putting more burdens on small businesses that have been devastated by the pandemic and state-imposed restrictions. Today’s bill is not COVID relief. It is a repeat of the failed Obama-Biden spending policies that led to the slowest economic recovery in American history."
February 25, 2021 Press Release
“The BOOST Act will help families connect to the Internet by creating their own Internet hotspots or by boosting the speed of a connection they already have,” said Congressman Moolenaar. “This legislation empowers homeowners who have been waiting far too long for reliable Internet access in their area and makes Internet access more affordable. I am proud to have bipartisan support for this legislation.”
February 5, 2021 Press Release
“I am proud to support this legislation to honor these heroes of the Greatest Generation and give them the recognition they earned fighting for our nation," said Congressman Moolenaar. "The courageous efforts of the Ghost Army helped win World War II and ensure a better future for our nation and the world."
February 4, 2021 Press Release

Congressman John Moolenaar is a long-time supporter of cancer research. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, which funds federal cancer research, he has worked across the aisle to ensure cancer research funding is included in federal legislation. Last year, he voted to fund research at the National Institutes of Health and its National Cancer Institute.   

February 4, 2021 Press Release
Congressman John Moolenaar made the following statement on today's vote in the House to remove Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene from assignments on certain House committees:
February 2, 2021 Press Release
"I am excited to welcome Congresswoman Bustos as the new co-chair of the Chemistry Caucus," said Moolenaar. "This past year has shown us once again how chemistry and science are vital to the future of our world and I am heartened by the new interest so many young people have shown in becoming the chemists and scientists of the future. We've also seen how private industry stepped up to meet the challenges of the past year and I am thankful for everyone who made hand sanitizer, produced PPE, and donated to those in need during these difficult times. Chemistry creates good-paying jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans and it is crucial to ensuring our nation maintains its status as a world leader in research and innovation."
February 1, 2021 Press Release
“As Michigan’s senior member of the Appropriations Committee, I am grateful for the opportunity to advocate for our state’s most important priorities including rural development, funding new infrastructure, supporting our farmers, protecting the Great Lakes, and advancing research for cures to cancer and Alzheimer's," said Moolenaar. "These priorities support our rural communities, create jobs, and help Michiganders of every generation build a better future for our state."
January 29, 2021 Press Release
“President Biden’s executive order takes money from hardworking Michigan families and sends it to foreign countries where it will be used to support the abortion of innocent, unborn children,” said Moolenaar. “Taxpayer money should never be used to support abortion and today I was proud to visit with two local organizations here in Michigan who are supporting parents and children during and after pregnancy. These organizations do outstanding work to help young families and I know people across mid and northern Michigan are thankful for all they do to protect the vulnerable in our region.”
January 26, 2021 Press Release
“On behalf of the Fourth District, I am proud to nominate these talented students who want to continue their education and serve their country by attending a military academy,” said Moolenaar. “Those who were nominated are exemplary leaders and excellent students who, if admitted, will follow in the footsteps of many leaders of our country. I am confident that they will represent Michigan well both in the classroom and through military service.”


In The News

June 15, 2017 In The News

Moolenaar asked for prayers for all those injured in the shooting: Congressman Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, the House majority whip; Matt Mika and Zach Barth and  Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey.

June 15, 2017 In The News

“When they returned fire, the situation changed from a massacre to a shootout,” Moolenaar said on a media call Thursday. “I’m very grateful for the courage of the law enforcement officials who returned fire and subdued the attacker. I want to compliment (Majority Whip Steve) Scalise’s security detail as well as U.S.

April 25, 2017 In The News

“Veterans and their families have done so much for our country and it is imperative that we do everything we can to make sure they are honored for their service,” Moolenaar said as he presented the pins.

April 12, 2017 In The News

“Most of us experience the mail, just getting it based at our homes. But there’s a variety of ways our citizens across the state receive their mail,” Moolenaar said. “The post office has to adapt to different communities and scenarios, and this (ride along) helps me understand the importance of adapting, and also serving our rural communities.

March 31, 2017 In The News

Moolenaar, who serves on the House Appropriations Committee, noted the committee’s responsibility for overseeing agencies and setting spending priorities, “and the U.S. (Department of Agriculture) is part of that process,” the congressman said.

March 30, 2017 In The News

Michigan Congressman John Moolenaar on Tuesday voted for United States House of Representatives legislation that will require the Environmental Protection Agency to base any new rules it writes on scientific research that is available to the public.

February 21, 2017 In The News

Congressman John Moolenaar presented military service awards to Korean War veteran Ralph Wallace.

November 1, 2016 In The News

“Congressman Moolenaar has been a great friend of agriculture in his two years in Congress and has represented us well on the House Agriculture Committee,” Molhoek said. “He’s fought hard to improve the tax code for Michigan farmers, voting to make permanent Section 179 (depreciation) and voting to repeal the death tax.

September 28, 2016 In The News

“I believe there is a federal role,” says Moolenaar, pointing to the EPA’s failure to act early on in the Flint water crisis. “This is something we can do within this legislation to not only help in the situation in Flint but also provides a reasonable path forward for our country.”

September 17, 2016 In The News

"On the family members and friends and at home you endured insults and attacks. And, today our country has the opportunity to say thank you and honor you. And, I would just like to add one more thing. Welcome home," said Michigan 4th District Congressman John Moolenaar.