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Congress should lead by example to reduce federal spending and the national debt. Since 2010, Congress has passed legislation to freeze the pay of legislators. Members of Congress and their staff are also required to participate in the health care exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act.
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As a lifelong resident of mid and northern Michigan, I understand the importance of the agriculture industry to the state. Agriculture is the economic backbone of many communities throughout Michigan’s Fourth Congressional District and has been instrumental in the state’s economic recovery.
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The hardworking families of mid and northern Michigan understand how to balance their checkbook, and the federal government needs to do the same. Plain and simple, our obligations are growing faster than our ability to pay them. Our $18 trillion national debt burden is unsustainable.
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Education and Opportunity

Education is key to success in our rapidly growing, high-tech economy. I support efforts to ensure all students have access to a high quality education, one that best fits their learning needs. A decade after enactment, the No Child Left Behind Act is no longer effectively serving students and must be reformed.
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As energy prices continue to rise, we need to implement a long-term energy policy aimed at reducing prices for American families and businesses. I support an all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes clean coal, natural gas, nuclear, and renewable energies, while also better utilizing our abundant domestic resources. We must become an energy-independent nation.
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Foreign Affairs

We must remain vigilant in protecting the nation from threats abroad. As a parent of children who have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I strongly believe the brave men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis to safeguard the liberties and freedoms we cherish deserve our full support.
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Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are critical to Michigan’s economy and outdoor heritage. It is imperative we act quickly to take the necessary steps to protect our Great Lakes.
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Health Care

America is the global leader in health care. However, that leadership status was put at risk with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. I know that our country can provide access to quality health care for every American by repealing this law and improving our current system. In order to achieve this goal we need to focus on these principles of reform:
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Jobs and the Economy

Learn about news and information related to Jobs and Economic Growth issues.
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Life and Adoption

I believe that everyone has an unalienable right to life and that life begins at conception. We must work to protect life and ensure that every child has the opportunity to live life to the fullest.
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National Security

Learn about news and information related to the issue of Security.
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Second Amendment

As a supporter of the Second Amendment, I believe the right to bear arms is a fundamental principle upon which the founders built our nation. This right must be preserved for future generations.
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I believe that Congress must keep the promises made to our nation’s seniors. While many programs, like Social Security and Medicare, face problems with their long-term financial solvency, any changes to these programs must be grandfathered in so they do not affect the benefits retirees and individuals nearing retirement receive.
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Tax Reform

Tax reform is essential to strengthening the economy in Michigan and across the nation. Congress must continue its work to end waste, fraud and abuse in the tax code. Simplifying the tax code will help families keep more money in their pockets and help small businesses create more jobs.
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Transportation & Infrastructure

The Federal Highway Trust Fund is hitting a revenue shortfall and will be unable to meet its spending obligations this spring. Financed by federal gas taxes, the Trust Fund is the primary source of federal transportation dollars. Congress must pass a bill that makes the Trust Fund solvent and stable so state and local agencies can plan for the future.
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Our nation’s veterans and wounded warriors have given their lives in defense of our country. The sacrifice of our military men and women defines us as a nation. Their dedication and commitment, along with that of their families, has ensured our freedom and should never be taken for granted.