Press Releases

August 19, 2021 Press Release
"MBS provides important flight service to mid Michigan and this funding will allow the airport to make major improvements to its infrastructure," said Congressman John Moolenaar. "MBS is a critical part of the economy of the Great Lakes Bay Region and this grant will help the airport continue to serve passengers who live in and visit our state.”
August 16, 2021 Press Release
“The catastrophic situation in Afghanistan right now is endangering the lives of brave Americans and Afghans who have worked together to defend the United States. Our country owes it to them to immediately get them out of danger as quickly and safely as possible. The disastrous events of the past few days show the Biden Administration was unprepared for what has happened. Now, President Biden must ensure safety and security at the airport in Kabul and send all of the resources necessary for our military to safely complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan while leaving nothing behind that could eventually be used against innocent civilians.”
August 16, 2021 Press Release
“Today, I mourn the loss of my friend and colleague, and I offer my condolences to Paul’s wife Sherry and their entire family. Paul and I competed against one another, but we also quickly became friends, and I will always be grateful for his friendship and service to our nation. He always stood up for his beliefs, especially as the leader of the School Choice Caucus, and he worked hard to do what was right for Michigan families. I am heartbroken by Paul's passing and know he will be greatly missed.”  
August 10, 2021 Press Release
“Today’s grant can be used to help prevent future flooding and play an important role in protecting our communities,” said Congressman John Moolenaar. "The funding is part of more than $100 million in federal support I have helped secure for rebuilding homes, businesses, and infrastructure damaged by last year’s flooding. There is more work to do and I will continue to work with local, state, and federal leaders to help our region recover.”
August 5, 2021 Press Release
“I am introducing legislation that will protect taxpayers and stop what happened in Shiawassee County from happening anywhere else in the country," said Congressman Moolenaar. "When Democrats in Congress passed their partisan $2 trillion spending plan they never put in rules that would stop local officials from giving that money to themselves. My legislation will put those rules in place and stop something like this from happening across the country."
July 30, 2021 Press Release
“The early childhood programs provided by MMCAA support the needs of children and families in our communities," said Congressman John Moolenaar. "I know the staff in Farwell works hard to provide the children in its care with a safe learning environment and this grant will help MMCAA continue to provide those essential resources for years to come. I have advocated for Head Start funding in Congress because I know it helps residents in mid and northern Michigan and I will continue to work across the aisle to support this important program."
July 30, 2021 Press Release
“Senator Levin served the people of Michigan for many years and he devoted his life to service. He was held in high-regard by Republicans and Democrats, and he will be long-remembered for many achievements, including his strong oversight of the federal government. My prayers today are with my colleague Andy Levin and the entire Levin family as they mourn their loss and celebrate Senator Levin’s legacy of accomplishments.”
July 27, 2021 Press Release

Congressman John Moolenaar invites students in Michigan’s Fourth Congressional District to enter the 2021 Congressional App Challenge. 

July 23, 2021 Press Release
“In March, Republicans argued for a targeted approach to help in our nation's fight against COVID-19. However, Democrats in Congress insisted on a partisan $2 trillion spending bill that sent $350 billion to states and communities regardless of whether or not those communities needed the money. Those Democrats failed to put in safeguards against wasteful spending and now local elected officials are inappropriately using the money from the $2 trillion bill,” said Congressman Moolenaar. “It's wrong, and I will be working in the coming days to address this issue with legislation and protect taxpayers."
July 22, 2021 Press Release
“VOCA grants are used by victim advocacy groups and law enforcement in the Fourth District to help the survivors of crime and I supported the VOCA Fix Act to help make sure these grants are available for years to come,” said Congressman John Moolenaar, an original cosponsor of the legislation. “I am glad the VOCA Fix Act is now law so local organizations can continue to serve our communities and support the survivors of crime when they need it the most.”