Valley Lutheran Students Visit Capitol

January 18, 2019
Press Release

Today, students from Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw visited the office of Congressman John Moolenaar in Washington D.C.

The students, parents and teachers are in Washington D.C. to participate in the national march supporting the pro-life movement. They stopped by the office for a tour of the Capitol and discussed their support for the right to life.

Congressman Moolenaar was in Flint today for the Flint Registry event, but he made the following statement on the students' visit to his office:

"It's wonderful to see young people from Valley Lutheran going to Washington and participating in our country's civic process. The right to life is a bedrock principle of our country and we should do more to protect the unborn, who are the most vulnerable people in our society."

 Valley Lutheran students, parents and teachers visit Congressman John Moolenaar's office at the U.S. Capitol to show their support for the right to life.