Moolenaar Welcomes Reopening of M-30 Bridge in Gladwin County

March 11, 2021
Press Release
Bridge Was Rebuilt and Reopened Using Federal Funds Moolenaar Secured Last Year

Today, officials reopened the M-30 bridge over the Tobacco River in Gladwin County. The bridge was washed away in May 2020 when the Edenville dam failed.

“M-30 is a vital road in Gladwin County that residents use every day for work, school, and recreation. The reopening of this bridge will make travel easier for residents and support our community," said Congressman Moolenaar. "I'm proud to have advocated for federal support in rebuilding this public road and I know the people of this area will benefit from the reopening of the bridge."

Last year, Moolenaar announced a $25 million grant from the federal government to help MDOT cover the cost of rebuilding roads and bridges affected by the flooding, including M-30 over the Tittabawasee River, US-10 over Sanford Lake, and Saginaw Road in Sanford.

For the M-30 bridge over the Tobacco River, MDOT determined that rather than starting construction on a permanent replacement, which would take years to complete, it would be better to build a temporary bridge in order to restore travel over the Tobacco River as soon as possible. More information about the project is available here.


The M-30 bridge over the Tobacco River was washed away when the Edenville dam failed in May 2020. The Michigan Department of Transportation has completed the construction of a new, temporary bridge (pictured) which is now open to traffic.