Moolenaar Speaks on the House Floor in Support of STEM Education Legislation

February 24, 2015
Press Release

Today, Representative John Moolenaar (R-Midland) spoke on the House floor in favor of the STEM Education Act of 2015. The bill will support merit-based grants through the National Science Foundation for programs that provide students with STEM education opportunities outside of the classroom.

“Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education is critical to preparing today’s students for the opportunities of the future, including good-paying, skilled trade jobs in construction, manufacturing and welding. This legislation will help ensure that America remains the world leader in research and innovation,” said Moolenaar.

Moolenaar is the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s Fourth Congressional District. His official House website is online at Moolenaar.House.Gov, and on Facebook at  

A transcript of Representative Moolenaar’s remarks is below, and here is a link to video of the speech:

Representative Moolenaar's Floor Speech on the STEM Education Act of 2015

Mr. Speaker, 

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education is necessary to prepare today’s students for future job opportunities.

H.R. 1020 will add computer science under the definition of STEM programs while providing grants for the research of new, informal out-of-school methods for teaching STEM subjects.  Whether it is a hands-on museum, a science competition, or an internship as a lab assistant, finding the best ways to teach these critical subjects outside of the classroom will help students who might not learn these subjects in a traditional setting.

As our nation’s employers look to fill good-paying positions, STEM education has applications across the board, including skilled trades in construction, manufacturing and welding.  Every student who learns these skills will have the solid academic background necessary to secure employment in a career field.

This important legislation will benefit bright young minds outside of the classroom, and help our country remain the world leader in research and innovation. I urge my colleagues to vote Yes.

I yield back.