Moolenaar Opposes Pelosi's Deal with the "The Squad" and Votes Against Her Plan to Shut Down Debate in the House

January 4, 2021
Press Release
New Rules Also Prohibit the Use of Common Family Titles

Today, House Democrats, while hanging on to a slim-majority of 222-211 in the U.S. House, passed new rules that abolish the right of the minority party to offer amendments to bills when they are being debated on the floor. The new rules were pushed through by Democrats after Nancy Pelosi cut a deal with "The Squad," a group of socialist legislators. In a press release put out yesterday, a new Democrat from Missouri admitted she gave Nancy Pelosi her vote for Speaker after Pelosi agreed to make the rule changes.

The Democrats’ new rules abolish the Motion to Recommit, which allows the minority party to change one part of a bill before it is voted on by the House. In 2019 and 2020, Republicans used this rule to change legislation, including amendments that stopped illegal aliens from buying guns, increasing funding for the enforcement of sanctions on Iran, and stressing the importance of fighting anti-Semitism around the world.

The Democrats also abolished longstanding PAYGO rules that require legislation to have spending offsets in order to avoid raising the deficit. The Democrats can now use the elimination of these rules to pass the Green New Deal, a $93 TRILLION initiative that would dramatically expand federal control over large swathes of the economy. 

Finally, the new rules package from Democrats also bans the House from using popular terms Americans use for their relatives including father, mother, daughter, son, brother, sister, and more.

“House Democrats are passing radical new rules that shut down the legislative process and stop amendments from being made to improve legislation," said Congressman John Moolenaar, who voted against the new rules. "Democrats are also banning the House from using common terms like father, mother, brother and sister, which are unique words that many people use to describe their loved ones. This political correctness is out of control, and instead of bringing people together for the start of the new Congress, Democrats are closing off debate and setting an awful example for the future."