Moolenaar Introduces Safe Water and Nutrition Access Act

April 22, 2016
Press Release

Congressman John Moolenaar has introduced the Safe Water and Nutrition Access Act (H.R. 5013), to provide Flint and communities across the country with water infrastructure and nutrition assistance.

As a member of the House Agriculture Committee, Congressman Moolenaar is working to find ways to help Flint and communities across the country.

The legislation is co-sponsored by the following members of the Michigan delegation: Congressman Dan Benishek, Congressman Mike Bishop, Congressman Bill Huizenga, Congresswoman Candice Miller, Congressman David Trott, Congressman Fred Upton and Congressman Tim Walberg.

Descriptions of the programs in the legislation and a statement from Congressman Moolenaar are below.


Emergency and Imminent Community Water Assistance Grants: The legislation makes Flint eligible for $20 million in emergency water infrastructure grants. These grants are awarded to communities for assistance with the construction of new water sources, treatment facilities and waterline extensions.

Healthy Food Financing Initiative: The legislation makes Flint eligible for $5 million in financing that can be used to bring outlets for nutritious food to underserved parts of the city.

Locally or Regionally Produced Agricultural Food Products: The legislation makes Flint eligible for $5 million in loans that can be used to distribute locally or regionally produced food.

Rural Communities

Emergency and Imminent Community Water Assistance Grants: The bill provides $30 million for grants to rural communities for assistance with the construction of new water sources, treatment facilities and waterline extensions.

Water and Waste Disposal Technical Assistance and Training Grants: The legislation provides $5 million in grants to improve the treatment of water in rural communities.

Rural Water and Wastewater Circuit Rider Program: The legislation provides $5 million in funding to help rural wastewater utilities with operational improvement and leak detection.

Statement from Congressman Moolenaar

"As a Mid Michigan resident it is important to me to find ways to help rural communities in Michigan along with our neighbors in Flint.

"I have visited Flint and met with families, elected officials, and researchers in the community. I have listened to them about the issues they are facing and as a member of the Agriculture Committee, I worked on nutrition. It's hard to raise a family without safe drinking water and harder still when you have to travel a long distance to get healthy food for your kids. This legislation makes Flint eligible for $10 million in financing that will help with food access in underserved areas of the community.

"Rural communities in my district and across Michigan also have water safety concerns and this legislation eliminates barriers to federal grants for water infrastructure financing and technical assistance.

"This legislation is a step forward that I hope will bring greater nutrition access to Flint and safer drinking water to all our communities."