Moolenaar Honors Corunna Student for Saving A Life

January 19, 2018
Press Release

Today, Congressman John Moolenaar honored Corunna High School student Xavier Staubs with a tribute in the Congressional Record.

Staubs, a swimmer for the Corunna swim team, saved the life of Kamrin Samson, a swimmer on the Owosso High School swim team.

The tribute honoring Xavier's heroism will go into the Congressional Record and it will be kept on record forever in the Library of Congress.

A copy of the Congressional Record is below.

Congressional Record


House of Representatives

Tribute to Xavier Staubs

Extension of Remarks – Friday, January 18, 2018

Congressman John Moolenaar

Mr. Speaker: I rise today to pay tribute to Xavier Staubs, a freshman at Corunna High School, for his heroic actions in saving a rival swimmer from drowning during a swim meet. Xavier showed bravery and courage in helping to save the life of another.

Xavier is a freshman at Corunna High School and on Thursday, January 4, his quick and decisive action saved the life of a competing student. After completing the last leg of the 200-yard medley relay against rival Owosso High School he noticed panicked spectators pointing to Kamrin Samson, a junior at Owosso High School, who was sinking to the bottom of the pool. Xavier jumped back into the pool, swam down, and brought Kamrin back to the surface to receive the medical attention he needed. Once Kamrin was out of the water, medical personnel and coaching staff from both high schools performed the necessary treatment to resuscitate him.  

For such a young individual, Xavier did not waver in a crucial moment. He was fearless and courageous at a time of life or death for a fellow swimmer. To Xavier, all that mattered was doing the right thing. Actions such as these should serve as a guideline for how we should live our own lives: selflessness in service to others. Xavier’s heroic actions on January 4 will be remembered by those in attendance for years to come, and they are a defining moment in his young life. 

On behalf of the Fourth Congressional District of Michigan, I am honored today to recognize Xavier Staubs for his heroic and selfless actions.