Moolenaar Demands Action From National Guard Leadership Following Reports of Inadequate Food

March 2, 2021
Press Release

Today, Congressman John Moolenaar and other members of the Michigan congressional delegation called for the firing of the catering contractor feeding Michigan National Guard members serving in Washington, D.C. Recently, members of the Guard have voiced concerns about the quality of food being provided while they work in Washington.

In a letter to General Daniel R. Hokanson, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, Moolenaar and the other members of the Michigan congressional delegation call for the termination of the contract providing food to the National Guard members serving in Washington.

“It is unacceptable that contaminated and undercooked food is being served to Michigan National Guard members keeping our nation safe. This issue must be fixed immediately and the company that failed should have its contract terminated," said Congressman Moolenaar. “Michigan National guard members brought this situation to my attention when I met with them and I hope General Hokanson will address the issue quickly.”

The full text of the letter and the full-size versions of the pictures below are attached to this press release.


Congressman John Moolenaar meets with Michigan National Guard members at the U.S. Capitol on February 26, 2021.



Congressman John Moolenaar visits with Colonel Chris McKinney and members of the Michigan National Guard at the U.S. Capitol on February 26, 2021. Col. McKinney is from DeWitt and he serves as the commander of the 117th Military Police Brigade of the Michigan National Guard.

PDF iconMichigan Delegation Letter to the National Guard.pdf