Moolenaar Defends the Right to Life and Opposes Democrats' Partisan Legislation

January 3, 2019
Press Release

House Democrats voted for more partisan legislation on Thursday.

On Thursday night, Democrats voted to take money from Michigan taxpayers and give it to international organizations that support abortion. The vote comes hours after Democrats voted to make it easier to take more money from hardworking Michigan residents.

Further, Democrats voted for legislation with no funding for border security, refusing to work with Republicans to protect the country.

Congressman John Moolenaar voted against the partisan legislation and made the following statement:

"I will always defend the right to life of unborn children in the womb because they are the most vulnerable people in our society and each of their lives is a special gift. It is disappointing that Democrats have made it a top priority in the new year to use taxpayer funding to end the lives of these innocent children.

"Our nation faces important issues and I will continue to work for solutions for the American people. I have a record of leading bipartisan efforts with Democrats to fund protection of the Great Lakes and support STEM education. In this new Congress, Democrats should end their push for one-sided legislation and come to the table to support bipartisan ideas that can become law."