Moolenaar Asks for Fairer Funding for MBS

April 23, 2020
Press Release

Today, Congressman John Moolenaar wrote to the Federal Aviation Administration and requested that it revisit its recent funding allocation for MBS International Airport in Freeland.

Last week, the FAA allocated funding to airports across the nation as part of the CARES Act legislation that passed on March 27. The funding is meant to help airports deal with the issues they are facing from a record decline in air travel. Other similarly-sized airports in Michigan, including some that are smaller than MBS, received an average of $13,070,118 from the FAA. MBS received $1,968,790.

In his letter to the FAA, Moolenaar wrote:

"In my district, FAA’s funding methodology has effectively penalized MBS International Airport (MBS) for running a debt-free operation and earmarking cash for future airport capital improvement projects…This may have a detrimental impact on future service levels and hurt the hardworking men and women in my district who use the airport, as well as those who work there."

Moolenaar ended the letter asking the FAA to conduct an “immediate review of this funding disparity and take corrective actions deemed appropriate to sufficiently support all airports located in the same region."

Moolenaar has been a long-time supporter of MBS and the service it provides to mid Michigan residents. In Congress, he has voted for transportation programs that support grants to the airport. Last year, MBS received a federal grant for $3.5 million for tarmac improvements.

Moolenaar's complete letter to the FAA is here.