Rep. John Moolenaar's Speech on the Iran Deal

September 10, 2015

Representative John Moolenaar (R-Midland) speaks on the House floor about his opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran.


Successful diplomacy requires statesmanship, a mutual benefit and a commitment toward peace.

None of these elements are part of the Administration’s deal with Iran.

On statesmanship, this administration’s acquiescence has been met with Iranian hostility.

Just this week, the Ayatollah said Israel would be destroyed within 25 years.

Words matter and we cannot discount Iran’s dangerous rhetoric.

Where is the mutual benefit? Short of immediate access to a nuclear bomb, Iran has been given all it wants.

It will receive billions of dollars it can use to fund terrorism against our country and our allies.

It will be allowed to reject anytime, anywhere inspections that are vital to verifying compliance and ensuring our national security.

And in less than 15 years, Iran will be allowed to have a nuclear weapons program capable of attacking targets anywhere in the world. 

The fundamental question is, are we willing to gamble that Iran’s government will end its destructive behavior and belligerent rhetoric in the coming days?

I for one, am not willing to take that chance. I believe this is a bad deal for America and the world and I oppose it.